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CGB Hall of Fame: (6) Harper Kamp v. (11) Bryan Anger

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Today's CGB Hall of Fame match up from is from the Pete Newell Region and features two fan favorites that have recently concluded their playing careers at Cal. Since both of these guys are really well-known and well-liked around these parts I expect that this match up should come down to the wire.

Harper Kamp was a leader for the Men's Basketball team and along with Jorge made up one half of one of the most beloved senior classes ever. He definitely presents a tough out for everyone's favorite punter, and recent third round NFL draft pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bryan Anger. Anyone that has spent any amount of time in the gamethreads in the past few seasons knows that one of the most repeated phrases was the call for an "ANGER SMASH" on each punt. And more often than not, Anger delivered the goods.

So does Bryan have one more in him to punt past Harper or will the big man move on? The winner of this match up will take on Jahvid Best in the second round. Full bracket is here. Full write ups after the jump. Voting ends on Friday. GO BEARS!

(6) Harper Kamp

iVinishe: Harper Kamp is quite simply a True Golden Bear. Kamp earned honorable mention Pac-10 All-Freshman honors. As one of Ben Braun's final recruits however, Harper was faced with a difficult
situation when Braun left the University of California: leave the school he had only played at for one year and had just let his head coach go, or stay and play for a new coach in an unfamiliar system. Though courted by several programs, Harper remained true to gold and blue, donning a California jersey 3 of the next 4 years, in spite of severe back and knee limitations.

After being unable to play due to injury during the 2009-2010 season, Harper returned as an upperclassman leader of the next two teams. Over the next two seasons, he received 2nd-Team All Pac-10/12 honors while
displaying some of the toughest balls any Cal player has ever had. Through every grimace after a blow to the back, every flu game he had to receive IV's for, Harper exemplified what it means to be a Golden Bear. He was never the flashiest or the most athletic; however, his leadership, consistent performance on the court, and representation of the University of California has earned the respect and gratitude of Cal fans worldwide.

Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Height/Weight: 6-8, 245
Position: Forward
Experience: Cal Basketball (2007-2012)

(11) Bryan Anger

iVinishe: The first football game I had ever watched was 2008 Michigan State @ Cal. I had absolutely no idea how football worked; in fact, I remember wondering why we kept giving the ball to that Best guy when he clearly wasn't scoring. This game was also Cal's introduction to Bryan Anger, punter extraordinaire. To my naive mind, Anger was clearly the best guy on our team.

Over the next 4 years, Anger went on to become the most outstanding punter in the nation. Other punters occasionally averaged a yard more for a season here and there, but only Anger had the ability to make an entire stadium go "WOW." From 2009-2011, Anger garnered First Team All-Pac-10/12 honors for three straight seasons, and set the all-time Cal single season punting record with an average of 43.5 yards/punt.
This spring, he goes into the NFL Draft as one of the top punters of his class.

Before that fall day, I had no idea people could kick balls that high, or that far. To this day, I'm still not sure people can. I've watched quite a bit of football at all levels since that day, and I still haven't seen anyone who can match a well-placed Anger bomb. He is, quite literally, a game-changer, and there has been some element of truth to jokes of our punter being the best (or at least, most outstanding), player on our team for the past 4 years.

Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Height/Weight: 6-4, 208
Birthdate: October 6, 1988
Position: Punter
Experience: Cal Football (2007-2011)