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Cal Baseball At Washington State: Game 1 Open Thread

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When: 7:00 pm PT
Radio: KALX, KNEW 960 am locally

Another day spent on the edge with Cal baseball. On the edge of the playoffs and on the edge in what will likely be another close game. I previewing Wazzu briefly in this week's baseball recap. Here's today's starting pitcher matchup:

Cal - Michael Theofanopoulos (4.08 ERA, 57 1/3 IP, 25 BB, 38 K)
WSU - Tanner Chleborad (3.60 ERA, 50 IP, 51 H, 21 BB, 33 K)

Pretty similar numbers, actually, in terms of walks and strike outs per inning pitched. Both pitchers rely on their defense to turn batted balls into outs. Hopefully today's a good day for Cal's defense. Go Bears!