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Cal Softball vs. LSU: College World Series Gamethread

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Via <a href="" target="new">Cal Softball facebook page</a>
Via Cal Softball facebook page

When: 12:30 pm PT
Stream: ESPN3

The climax of a special season begins today.

The Bears and Tigers have actually met already this year, and the result was a 14-3 Cal blowout way back in February. Jamia was all over the basepaths, Val walked three times, and Jace Williams and Breana Kostreba went nuts driving in runs. It’s tied for the most runs Cal has scored in a game all year.

I don’t history to repeat itself. LSU’s ace Rachele Fico wasn’t pitching that day, but she’ll certainly be in the circle now, looking to protect her sub-1.00 ERA. I’d happily settle for a third of those 14 runs, because that should be enough support for Jolene.

Everybody knows that the key to surviving double elimination formats is to win your first two games. Step one is today. Go Bears!