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Cal Softball vs. Washington: Super-Regional Game 2 Open Thread

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When: 4:00
Stream: ESPN3
Twitter: Cal Softball, RookieBears1754

Cal is just one step away from Oklahoma City after a 5-0 win that was very emblematic of everything that Cal can do on the diamond. The Bears did it with power (two home runs) pitching (another shut-out from Jolene Henderson) and speed/execution (two runs scored without a hit in the 5th inning).

Jolene Henderson is in the circle again as Diane Ninemire clearly wants to take no chances and finish things off as quickly as possible. Here's the lineup:

Jamia Reid LF
Britt Vonk DP
Valerie Arioto 1B
Frani Echavarria CF
Jace Williams 2B
Breanna Kostreba RF
Danielle Henderson 3B
Victoria Jones C
Cheyenne Cordes SS
Jolene Henderson P

Go Bears!