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Cal Softball vs. Washington: Super-Regional Game 1 Open Thread

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Time to watch Val mash . . . or walk. One or the other.
Time to watch Val mash . . . or walk. One or the other.

When: 7:00 pm PT
Stream: ESPN3
Twitter: Cal Softball, RookieBears1754

For what I assume is the first time ever, the Bears will play at home in a nationally televised softball game. Regardless of the result, this is a momentous day for the program.

But we want the win. It's Jolene Henderson vs. Kaitlin Inglesby. If you're looking for some pre-game reading, check out CGB's super-regional preview or check out John Crumpacker's story on Frani Echavarria (and Jorge Gutierrez).

All the other super-regionals are well underway, and four tickets to the College World Series in Oklahoma City have already been punched. It's time for Cal to take another step towards a ticket of their own. Go Bears!

Cal's lineup:

1. Jamia Reid LF
2. Britt Vonk DP
3. Valerie Arioto 1B
4. Frani Echavarria CF
5. Jace Williams 2B
6. Breanna Kostreba RF
7. Danielle Henderson 3B
8. Victoria Jones C
9. Cheyenne Cordes SS
Jolene Henderson P