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Cal Baseball At Stanford: Game 2 Open Thread

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When: 1:00 pm PT
Radio: KALX, KNEW 960 locally

Yesterday Cal and Stanford played an 18 game epic novel of baseball that included great pitching, clutch rallies, umpire goofiness, premature victory celebrations and two full games worth of insanity. No team ever lead by more than 2 runs and 14 of the 18 innings ended with both teams tied. I'll have more to say about this game next week, but suffice to say it was an instant classic

What you need to know now is that Cal won 5-4, and the win will have direct impacts on today's game. Scheduled starter Justin Jones picked up the save yesterday and will presumably have his start pushed back to tomorrow. That means Michael Theofanopoulos will go today with the expectation that he pitch as deep into the game as possible. Joey Donofrio, Michael Lowden and especially Logan Scott threw lots of high stress pitches yesterday and I'm sure David Esquer would prefer not to need them.

But the Bears are viewing these games as playoff elimination games, so if Theofanopoulos struggles he may have no choice but to call on the bullpen after yesterday's marathon. Stanford's bullpen isn't quite as fried, but I'm sure they'd like starter Brett Mooneyham to pitch lots of innings as well. Go Bears!