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Memorial Stadium Upgrade Update - May 20, 2012

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On the way to Levine-Fricke field Sunday for the Cal-Arkansas softball action, I stopped by Vista Point to snap a few shots. Imagine my surprise when it looked drastically different from before. When it used to be sort of a mishmash of construction, now it appeared to be moving closer to being ready. There are a bunch of photos here. You can click on them to make them larger if you want. GO BEARS!


Are they going to use Memorial for a monster truck rally????? Are they going to bring Christians into Memorial to fight lions????


Is that a golf cart down there? Somebody trying to get 18 holes in at the Memorial Course?


Here is the new press box. Apparently, a video screen is going to stretch against the length of it. Could be interesting.


New benches! Fresh, sweet, organic, locally sourced, sustainable benches from a bench truck!






So, there you go. More photos of the upgrade from Vista Point. Man, I hope this is ready in time for the Nevada game. GO BEARS!