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Cal Softball Goes Hard On Arkansas, Advances To The Super Regional

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via <a href="">Cal Softball Facebook</a>
via Cal Softball Facebook

(Norcalnick will have more tomorrow. For now, a word on Jo.)

Jolene Henderson is made of stronger stuff than all of you. She's probably composed of the elements that Tony Stark used to construct that suit of his in that cave. She pretty much pitched all five games this weekend to pick up four more victories for her bad self. In nearly 30 innings of work and over 400 pitches thrown, Jolene struck out 35 and gave up THREE runs.

  • 70 pitches, two hits, seven strikeouts against Iona in five innings of work.
  • 84 pitches, five hits, seven strikeouts, one earned run against Arkansas in six and two-thirds innings of work.
  • 93 pitches, three hits, 11 strikeouts, no runs against Boston in six innings of work.
  • 96 pitches, six hits, two runs, five strikeouts against Arkansas in five innings of work.
  • 81 pitches, five hits, five strikeouts, no runs against Arkansas in seven innings of work.

I'm not quite sure what throwing 400 softball pitches would do to my arm. It'd likely shrivel up and beg to be amputated. Jo could probably karate chop a gang of ninjas right now.

She is amazing. So are these Bears.