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Golden Nuggets: Traditionalists Dispute Cal QB Joe Ayoob's World Record Paper Airplane Toss

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When Joe Ayoob shattered the paper airplane distance record, he used a plane that he did not construct. Not everyone was happy about that--some purists suggest that using Ayoob as a stand-in to throw the airplane violated the unwritten rules of competitive paper airplane throwing.

"Competitive paper airplane flying had always been, in my mind, what can one person do with one piece of paper," says Mr. Kreiger, a 23-year-old engineer. Using a ringer, he says, is problematic: "I don't really think that's the spirit of the competition."

Guinness World Records NA Inc. thought otherwise. Mr. Ayoob's throw, immortalized on YouTube, sailed 226 feet and 10 inches, breaking Mr. Kreiger's record of 207 feet, 4 inches. Guinness in March named him and Mr. Collins the record holders.

A Guinness spokeswoman says there was no internal debate about giving Mr. Collins credit. But some paper-plane purists are still aflutter.

Paper-plane enthusiasts have traditionally seen theirs as an individual sport. The question now: Is Mr. Collins's ringer a bad precedent, or has he ushered in a new era in which designers can focus on better paper folds instead of muscle tone?

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