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Subscribe To The SBNation Youtube Channel

YouTube is currently in the process of revolutionizing the way that consumers (like you!) consume media content from content providers (like better, more intelligent versions of us!). It is still the start of this long revolution and despite all the wild claims and preposterous seeming predictions, nobody really knows where it is all going to end up. My prediction: By 2025, penguins rule us all!

However, you can book your seat on this rip roaring space train to whatever port the future calls home by subscribing to the SBNation YouTube channel. For us college sports aficionados, the SBN higher ups (bosses, what's their deal, am I right, folks, am I right?!?!?) want me to focus your ever fleeting attention on Shutdown Fullback. It is the video equivalent of Here is a recent Shutdown Fullback video:

1981 Clemson Football. Everybody's favorite. So, there you go. Subscribe and you can (potentially) tell your grandchildren that you were there when YouTube accelerated the cannibalization of the modern media market, in specific targeting television shows (network or otherwise). Or don't. And then your grandchildren will think you are lame. More so. GO BEARS!