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Cal Football Post-Spring Depth Chart: Richard Rodgers, Jordan Rigsbee, Nick Forbes Starting

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I joked about last year's post-spring depth chart as being devoid of meaning, but that's because I'm painfully stupid. In the end the spring depth chart looked remarkably similar to the fall depth chart. Only Ryan Davis ended up getting displaced from last year's starters when Chris McCain started hitting his groove.

So this recent depth chart that was released could very well be your starting unit. Get used to these Bears, many of them will be the ones we'll be calling by name.

Here's the full PDF file for you to download and view. Some thoughts on each position.

Quarterbacks and Running backs: Maynard 1, Bridgford 2; Sofele 1, Anderson 2. No shocker there. Maynard looked quite good in the spring game, and Bridgford still probably has to figure out some things.

The question is who will be the third-stringers? I doubt we'll ever really know about the quarterback until we're up six touchdowns against Southern Utah in the fourth quarter and the man given the football will be tasked with handing it off, so I'll stick with Boehm or Hinder.

Running back is probably Bigelow next, because he so fast. That was pretty much the rotation at the end-of-the season. Give him a few snaps a game and see if he can handle it. The other possibility is Lasco, although I get the feeling he might be better off getting work in the special teams game.

Offensive line: The biggest change has been at center. Brian Schwenke is now the starting center and Dominic Galas has been moved over to right guard. He apparently showed enough this spring to put him at that spot. The caveat means we have a redshirt frosh on the left side in Jordan Rigsbee. Good news is he's a big boy.

As usual, watch out for happens at tackle. Tyler Rigsbee and Matt Summers-Gavin will try and hold the outside.

Tight ends: Richard Rodgers will be the starting tight end. Makes sense since he's probably the best blocker on the unit. The lighter Spencer Hagan remains at the #2 spot. Jacob Wark is the number three. Not a terribly deep unit unless Rodgers proves he can be a workhorse.

Wide receivers: There are only two receivers listed currently as the starters: Keenan Allen, and Maurice Harris (who was the best receiver at the spring game) It. Looks like McGovern and Bouza will have to keep on fighting to stay in front of the incoming frosh.

Defensive line: Mustafa Jalil and DeAndre Coleman have moved up to claim the starting defensive end spots. They were the backups last fall, so this order of succession seems about right.

Also interesting is Kendrick Payne appears to be the primary nose tackle.

I'm not certain what Aaron Tipoti is doing, but I can't imagine him NOT starting somewhere; he's too versatile not to see the field. They've talked about moving him around, so maybe he'll be playing a little bit of nose spelling Payne and a little bit of defensive end.

It's disappointing to see that Vei Moala still can't crack the two-deep. If Cal wants their 3-4 to work out, they really need a wrecker inside like the Teddy Bear. Gabe King isn't on the two deep either, but hey, someone talented among the DEs was going to be left off.

Linebackers: Nick Forbes has moved all the way up to earn a starting inside linebacking spot. Mullins is the other starter right now, but I could see Dave Wilkerson taking one of those two spots when he returns to full-strength.

The only absent name on the list is Jason Gibson. He showed promise early on, but it looks as if he's not quite yet ready to crack the two-deep (or it might depend on whether Wilk moves up and Gibson can move past Mullins or Hurrell). In fact the only current frosh on the two deep from that talented linebacker class is Nathan Broussard.

Secondary: Cornerback rotation unchanged. Time to see what you can do at strong safety Alex Logan! We're more than familiar with Josh Hill.

Special teams: Allen gets his chance as a punt returner. I'm not sure how effective he'll be at the spot (Jones didn't really do much, and he's kind of the same type of receiver), but I can't really think of a viable alternative.

Vince D'Amato is slated. This could change if Langford gets his one-year sit-out clause waived, but it's not likely. And this pretty much answers the question of whether Cole Leninger will start as our punter.

Bigelow and Manuel remain the status quo kick returners.

That whole second-unit defense could provide us with some solid special teams coverage. There's a lot of talent on that unit.