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Cal Softball vs. Arkansas: Berkeley Regional Game 4 Open Thread

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Just another beautiful weekend afternoon in Strawberry Canyon.
Just another beautiful weekend afternoon in Strawberry Canyon.

When: 3:00 pm PT
Twitter: Cal Softball, RookieBears1754
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The Bears scored 6 runs in the 5th inning yesterday to earn a mercy rule victory over the Iona Gaels. It was a resourceful inning that featured hits, walks, errors, steals, and even a bases loaded hit-by-pitch. It added up to an early win for Jolene Henderson, who only allowed two singles in 5 innings of work.

A well rested Cal squad will take on Arkansas after the Razorbacks held on for a 3-2 win over Boston. It will be interesting to see if Diane Ninemire sends out ace #1 Jolene Henderson or ace #1a Valerie Arioto. This is the most important game of the weekend because the winner only needs to win one more game while the loser will have to win 3 in a row - all elimination games. Luckily there's not really a wrong choice to make when you're picking between two pitchers with the two best (identical) ERAs in the Pac-12.

If you're looking for more info on Arkansas, check out CGB's Berkeley regional preview. If you want to see video of Cal's victory over Iona last night, check here. Go Bears!