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Cal Baseball vs. Arizona: Game 1 Open Thread

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When: 3:30 pm PT
Radio: KALX

After two weeks on the road the Bears are back at home with a big opportunity to bolster their playoff chances. Arizona is no longer 1st in the Pac-12 after dropping two of three to Oregon, but they're still easily a top 25 team in every poll. If Cal is going to make the playoffs, they really can't afford to drop a series at home. Anything less than two wins this weekend probably isn't enough. Here's today's pitching match up:

RHP Kurt Heyer (8-2, 2.50 ERA) vs. LHP Michael Theofanopoulos (3-4, 5.16 ERA)

The Bears actually managed 4 runs against Heyer last year. Hopefully they can match or exceed that production today, because Arizona is the highest scoring team in the conference. Go Bears!