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Golden Nuggets: Loggy and DJ Big Red Enjoy Musical Success with Radical Something

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Have you filled out our 2012 Cal football season predictions form yet?

While most Cal fans remember Alex Lagemann and Michael Costanzo for Big Game heroics and laying the wood on opposing players, respectively, their up-and-coming music careers have earned them a swath of new fans.

During their time on the football team under coach Jeff Tedford, wide receiver Alex Lagemann (Class of 2011), defensive lineman Michael Costanzo (2010) and wide receiver Ian Albrecht (2011) did not necessarily distinguish themselves on the playing field, but they did discover a shared interest in music and performing. Thus was the band Radical Something born two years ago.

"It started when I got bored as a junior in college and started rapping," said Lagemann, a Saratoga native. "I've always liked poetry. Ian really fostered the development of it, and I met Mike. We've traveled the world now because of music, and I never thought I'd pick up a guitar."

Along with lead singer Josh Cocktail, whom the three former Golden Bears met at a recording studio in New York in 2011, Lagemann, Costanzo and Albrecht share a house in Carson, close to the Los Angeles music scene. Also living in the "Rad Pad" is Joe Nash, who handles the band's photography and videos.

Costanzo does a little of everything - producer, bass, keyboard, drums, DJ. Lagemann is the rapper of the group and plays a little guitar. Albrecht is not in the band proper but serves as its creative director.

In addition to touring throughout the US and Europe, they have enjoyed commercial success as well.

In fact, Radical Something's album "No Sweat" ranked No. 6 on iTunes for the week of Feb. 26, sitting between Gotye at No. 5 and Whitney Houston at No. 7.

"My mom just loved to see that," said Lagemann, adding that Radical Something also had the No. 9 "Heat Seeker" album on Billboard's chart for the same time period.

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