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Joe Roth, Jason Kidd, Marshawn Lynch, And Leon Powe Are The Focus Of Upcoming Documentaries

Like most good Berkeleyans, I'm sure you've given up your Tee Vee so that you can spend more time marching in the streets and protesting income equality by living in trees. However, this is now the time to dust off that old phone number of the one friend of yours who sold out to the Man. He still has a TV and you are going to need to drink deep of some upcoming Calness.

Firstly, we have an event tonight that you are definitely going to want to tune into. CSN is running a documentary on Oakland sports that includes many Cal players, such as Jason Kidd, Marshawn Lynch, and Leon Powe. The show is called "The Town Game" and airs tonight on CSN at 9 PM. Of course, there are many aspects to Oakland sports that do not relate to Cal, but there will be many Cal stories to enjoy, too.

The second documentary that you need to be introduced to is "Don't Quit: The Joe Roth Story." While more recent players such as Marshawn Lynch and Leon Powe are fresh in everybody's minds, there are probably many Cal fans who could use a refresher course on Joe Roth. The upcoming documentary will provide that introduction and/or refresher course. Bob Rider and Phil Schaaf are the men behind the documentary and they have provided this teaser here:

There is also a website here. It is just about to be revealed in full, but you can provide your contact information to keep up to date on when and where you can see this intriguing documentary. For those who really have no idea what I am talking about when I say "Joe " and "Roth," I've included more information to whet your appetite after the jump. Also, there is more information about the Oakland documentary after the jump. So, go and check out that info and then watch the shows whenever you convince that friend of yours who is a Corporate Slave to the 1% to let you borrow his TV. Thanks and GO BEARS!

This is the preview video with scenes of Leon Powe, Marshawn Lynch, and others:

Here is more information on Joe Roth:

Joe Roth (May 29, 1955 - February 19, 1977) was a college football player, an All-American quarterback at the University of California, Berkeley. Roth played the 1976 season with melanoma and died 3 months after his last regular season game (and just weeks after an all-star game in Japan), in February 1977. Later that year, Roth's number 12 jersey was retired, the only number currently retired by the Cal Football program.

You know that if this happened today, ESPN and Disney would be all over it. It is unfortunate that this story has yet to truly be told. I am really looking forward to the documentary. We'll be providing more information to help promote the documentary in the coming months, so keep it locked here!