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Fantasy Weekend in Review: End of an Era

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Had to get the Wrestlemania reference in there.

Group Standings (Top 10 of 170)

Correct Picks
Possible Pts
1 Going Bak Bak to Cali Cali HY 42 of 63 150 150
2 OHPNTZ Andrew 42 of 63 148 148
3 Jorgetorade David 41 of 63 147 147
4 nickseevers Nick 45 of 63 146 146
5 NorCalNick Nicolas K 40 of 63 146 146
5 Jorge Michael R 41 of 63 146 146
7 Hey We Suck Again Eric 41 of 63 144 144
8 Lobsterback Bisque Berkelium97 46 of 63 142 142
9 Montezuma's Revenge Rich 41 of 63 140 140
10 We're CRABBE people now! Jason 40 of 63 139 139
157 *Yellow Fever Brother Bruce 29 of 63 49 49

And Going Bak Bak to Cali Cali pulls it out, just as we can only hope the Nets pull out the number one pick in the draft this year. Unfortunately for our man Berkelium97, he managed to pick the largest number of correct games, just not the ones that mattered the most. Care to post in the comments, Bak Bak?

Also, we managed to pull off the league's fantasy baseball draft over the weekend, and some draft picks were truly mindboggling. Dee Gordon in the sixth? Michael Cuddyer in thesixth? Starlin Castro in the fourth? Whaaaaa? But that's ok, I'm installing myself as the early favorite, as my core of Mike Napoli, Mark Teixeira, Jose Bautista, and Hanley Ramirez is going to bludgeon everyone into submission.

Honorable mention to CALumbus Bear, who has roughly a 0% chance of repeating with an offense "led" by the dessicated remains of Lance Berkman, the young legs of Jemile "I wish I were as awesome as my brother" Weeks, and four bench hitters that have no value. Good job. While I'm at it:

  • LEast Coast Bears might actually be decent. I have nothing to say here.
  • Holyhead Harpies has four bench hitters and no closers. Roster imbalance = DOOM
  • atomsareenough - Howie Kendrick as a Util guy? Really? And Bryan LaHair? You know defense doesn't count in fantasy baseball, right?
  • zoonews, I can't take seriously any team with Lucas Duda and Paul Goldschmidt at Util, then Alex Rios and Jose Altuve on the bench.
  • SJ A's of Oakland is another five hitter bench. Awesome.
  • Good job Stanfurdbites.
Ok, that's enough. Please let me know why my team sucks more than yours, in bullet point format in the comments.