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Golden Nuggets: NFL Draft Surprises for Marvin Jones, Bryan Anger

Saturday was rather stressful for Marvin Jones. The consensus third- or fourth-round pick did not get his name called until the fifth round, after 21 other receivers were chosen. No matter, Jones was delighted to be picked.

"Oh man, it was definitely crazy ... stressful," Jones said. "I went up and down with emotions. Initially, I was high on a lot of people's boards. That didn't work out for whatever reason. Regardless of what theories I have, it doesn't matter.

"I ended up in a great spot. I'm blessed for the opportunity. I just want to start my new life as a Cincinnati Bengal."

"The young talent says something about the direction they're going," Jones said. "They run a West Coast offense. Obviously, playing at Cal for four years, that's what I'm used to. I can come in and run every route and vie for a position."

Anger had an equally emotional phone call, but for the opposite reason! Expecting to be drafted sometime on day three, Bryan Anger was caught by surprise when he received the phone call on Friday.

On his reaction when he got the call
"I went kind of numb for a second. I got a call a couple picks before it and they asked me a couple questions and then said `congrats, we're going to take you with the next pick.' So my heart started racing a little bit. It finally came true. It's been a long process, and the process has been fun, but I was definitely ready to figure out where I was going. So it was nice."

After the jump we recap one of the most successful drafts in Cal history, as the Bears lead the Pac-12 with six picks.





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