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Justin Cheadle To Chiefs, Ernest Owusu To Vikings, Giorgio Tavecchio To 49ers, Anthony Miller To Broncos, Michael Calvin To Falcons, DJ Holt To Redskins, Sean Cattouse To Chargers

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Time for the NFL to start scooping up undrafted players in free agency, and already a couple of Bears have been signed as UFAs.

Justin Cheadle is getting a chance with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ernest Owusu will join his teammate Trevor Guyton with the Minnesota Vikings.

No official confirmation, but Giorgio Tavecchio's old teammate Jed Barnett did congratulate his fellow kicker about being signed by the 49ers.

UPDATE: Confirmed.

Michael Calvin is headed to join up with Thomas DeCoud with the Falcons, reports his former teammate Jeremy Ross.

Anthony Miller gets a chance to catch passes from Peyton Manning with the Broncos.

D.J. Holt apparently has joined RGIII in Washington.

And Sean Cattouse is going to the Bolts.

More updates to come when signings are announced.