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Spring Game Photo Essay 2012 4.21.12 Part 2

Part 1

(via calathletics)

When we left off in part 1, we were looking at some game action from Cal's spring game. Zach Kline, golden boy, was warming up, with fans anticipating his debut. Here is a shot thanks to our photographer with preferred nations status, turkey.


DSC_2002 (via ja_williams)

Turkey tells me that this is a shot of Kline throwing a strike for his long TD pass. It was a thing of beauty and only increased the hype around Kline. Also, increasing the hype, he is going with number 8. So, that's a thing!

More photos, including shots of a mini-fanfest, after the jump. GO BEARS!

Kline, who technically would still be a high school senior (is he going to ask me to prom???), doing his thing.


DSC_1995 (via ja_williams)


DSC_1928 (via ja_williams)


DSC_1931 (via ja_williams)


DSC_1985 (via ja_williams)


DSC_2005 (via ja_williams)


DSC_1889 (via ja_williams)


DSC_2022 (via ja_williams)

Gold was up 21-14 with a few moments left. The team that lost had to walk back up the hill. The gold team was actually mocking the blue team with a chant of "nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya goooooddd byyyeee!" Then, Austin Hinder hits a 75 yard long bomb to put blue down by 1.


DSC_1980 (via ja_williams)


DSC_2031 (via ja_williams)


DSC_2032 (via ja_williams)

And so blue went for 2:

But they did not get it and the gold team streamed onto the field excitedly!

Bee Tee Dubenstein, check out how the Golden Bear Pride card stunt turned out. Ruh Roh!


Then, afterwards, Cal did what any team does after their spring game. FANS V. PLAYERS PIE EATING CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And we did what any self-respecting sports site did. VIDEO!!!

Then, they let the fans onto the field for some fan festing. Some autosigning and some chattygraphs.

Jordan Rigsbee:


Brian "The Stache" Farley


DSC_2041 (via ja_williams)

Christian Okafor and Bill Tyndal


DSC_2048 (via ja_williams)

Brendan Bigelow:


DSC_2055 (via ja_williams)

David Wilkerson:


DSC_2060 (via ja_williams)

Richard Rodgers Jr. with Hardy Nickerson and others (presumably Rodgers Sr. is in there). Nickerson looks really, really good. Can he suit back up and play?? He was a beast!


DSC_2069 (via ja_williams)

Chris McCain:


DSC_2072 (via ja_williams)

Jacob Wark, who plays for the baseball team, and had to rush over to the Cal v. Utah baseball game:


Maynard, who throws left, but writes right:



Senior Defense Table:


Keenan Allen, who had his own table and a rather lengthy line (in comparison, none of the lines were all that lengthy, esp. in comparison to August's fanfest):


Deandre Coleman, who is H-U-G-E:


Geoffrey Gibson:


Zach Kline, who looks to be about 12. I can already tell a few things about Kline:

1. He's a QB straight from Central Casting. All the ladies are going to love him. He picks up where Brock Mansion and Kevin Riley left off. Of course, the all time QB looker was Kyle Boller. Also, the original Jesus In Cleats. Is Kline Jesus In Cleats 2.0? Or was that Ayoob?

2. If he doesn't start in 2013 (and it is way too early to figure things out now about how appropriate that would be), there will be grumbling about the usual things that people grumble when their QB of choice doesn't start. I have no idea how great a starting QB he will ever be (FINGERS CROSSED!), but I know he'll be the world's greatest backup QB.


Trajuan Briggs with, I guess, his daughter: (Update: I am WRONG! Trajuan says it is his sister. Thanks for the correction!)


Coach Tedford signing a kids scalp. I overheard Tedford saying something about how it was kinda sweaty and hard to write. Considering even Beelzebub stayed indoors on Saturday, I can understand that.



Senior Offense:


Coach M with Mustafa Jalil:


So, there you go! Tons of photos from all of Saturday's action. Pre-game fan fest action. Game action. Post-game pie eating action (JUST LIKE YOU ALL DEMANDED!). And fanfest action.