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Golden Nuggets: Cal Punter Bryan Anger Is Certain He Will Be Drafted

Punters don't often get drafted, but that's not going to stop Bryan Anger from holding a draft party on Saturday. At this point, the question is not whether he'll get drafted but how soon someone will steal the nation's top punting prospect.

"I think I'm the top guy that's going to go," Anger said of his place among punters in the draft. "I'm pretty much guaranteed to get drafted."

In reality, there's no such thing. Over the past six years, teams have drafted an average of only two punters per year. Just one was taken in 2011. Teams usually prefer to wait until after the draft, then sign a free agent at the position.

But Anger and Cal special teams coach Jeff Genyk are convinced this year will be different.

Anger is the consensus No. 1 punter among a half-dozen online mock drafts, and both CBS Sports and NFL Draft Scout project him to go in the third or fourth rounds.

Genyk said one NFL special teams coach told him Anger is the best college punter prospect in nine years.
Genyk said the quality that has NFL teams interested is Anger's ability to adjust to the situation. He said that was a key to Cal improving to seventh nationally last fall in net team punting average.

"A lot of that was Bryan's willingness to not think about how far he could punt the ball, but strategically how he could punt it ... how high, hang time, away from returners," Genyk said. "I think he improved his stock with scouts. They could see he was able to modify his punts to suit the situation."

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