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Cal Football Spring Game Preview: With Rosters!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - NOVEMBER 05:  C.J. Anderson #9 of the California Golden Bears runs with the ball against the Washington State Cougars at AT&T Park on November 5, 2011 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - NOVEMBER 05: C.J. Anderson #9 of the California Golden Bears runs with the ball against the Washington State Cougars at AT&T Park on November 5, 2011 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Remember, Spring Game Experience is tomorrow at 10 AM at Edwards!

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The Blue and Gold team rosters have been distributed for your viewing pleasure. The PDF file is here. Our rough guesstimate of the depth chart is after the jump.

Blue appears to have the starting offense and the third-stringers, as well as the second team defense. However, the O-line is clearly been distributed unevenly; one team has all tackles, the other all guards.

(via calathletics)


Quarterbacks - Zach Maynard helms blue, Allan Bridgford takes gold. Since Maynard will be working mostly with the first unit offense, he has to have the favorable spot, and Bridgford will probably have to be graded on a curve.

Kyle Boehm and Austin Hinder are on one team, Zach Kline is on the other. I'd guess Kline and Boehm would garner the majority of the second unit snaps.

Advantage: Blue

Running backs - Sofele is likely out, so Bigelow will probably be starting for Blue. He's definitely the most dynamic runner on the field. Anderson will provide power on the other side. This'll probably be the most compelling matchup, since those two guys will be jockeying for snaps all summer and fall long. And then you have the capable Ervin and Lasco bringing up the rear. All that glitters is Gould.

None of the potential fullback/H-backs have ever taken fullback snaps, so it's a wash.

Advantage: Slightly gold

Wide receivers - If Allen is playing, huge advantage to blue. Instead it's likely that we'll get our first real glimpses of Maurice Harris and see if he's consistent enough to step into that second receiver role before the frosh step in. It'll also be intriguing to see what Bryce McGovern and Jackson Bouza are capable of doing.

Advantage: Blue

Tight ends - Richard Rodgers keeps on getting praise and could very well be the starter. He's one of the players I'm most looking forward to seeing. Likely no Ladner, possibly Jacob Wark.

Advantage: Blue

Offensive line - That blue unit looks pretty fierce with all the tackles and the starting spring center. The gold unit has the guards, so that could mean a lot of power running.

Advantage: Blue

Defensive line - Gold clearly is going to have to win the battle up front if they want to take this one. And they have the talent. The nose tackle with the most potential, the best defensive tackle, and plenty of defensive ends. Blue has two starters, but not much depth behind them.

Advantage: Gold

Linebackers - Blue has the more talented squad without Wilkerson, although Gold does have Campo and Whiteside. It's a bit of a wash on both ends, although consider the D-line talent Gold has, they might not need to worry too much about it.

These defenses are loaded.

Advantage: Slightly blue.

Secondary - Blue has a lot more players, so the edge goes here on depth. Williams and Logan should hold things up on the other side.

Advantage: Slightly blue

Special teams - Uh...

Advantage: Alamar?

Blue Team

QB - Zach Maynard, Kyle Boehm, Austin Hinder
TB - Isi Sofele (might be limited), Brendan Bigelow, Daniel Lasco
FB - Kameron Krebs/Tanner Mohr
WR - Keenan Allen (probably out), Maurice Harris, Bryce McGovern, Stephen Anderson, Kaulin Krebs, Jaems Grisom
TE - Richard Rodgers, Jake Davis & Nathan Phillip & Brett Buchanan
OT - Tyler Rigsbee, Matt Summers-Gavin, Alejandro Crosthwaite, Christian Okafor
OG - Matt Summers-Gavin (moving back from tackle I'd guess), Matt Williams, Alejandro Crosthwaite
C - Brian Schwenke, Mark Brazinski (ACL, out)

DL - Mustafa Jalil, Kendrick Payne, Austin Clark, Keni Kaufusi
LB - Chris McCain, Jason Gibson, J.P. Hurrell, Nick Forbes, Nathan Broussard, Ted Agu, Brennan Scarlett (out)
CB - Kameron Jackson, Adrian Lee, Stefan McClure (out), Ikem Okwudiafor
S - Avery Sebastian, Josh Hill, Jordan Morgan, Michael Lowe (out)

LS - Brandon Madueno
P - Richard Rodgers
PK - Benjamin Calder

Gold Team

QB - Allan Bridgford, Zach Kline
TB - C.J. Anderson, Darren Ervin, Dasarte Yarnway, Mitchel Bartolo Trajuan Briggs (out)
FB - Dasarte Yarnway, Eric Stevens (out)
WR - Jackson Bouza, Mike Manuel, Joel Willis, Ross Bostock, Idarre Coles, Jose Contreras
TE - Jacob Wark, Spencer Hagan (out)
OT - Bill Tyndall, Brian Farley
OG - Geoffrey Gibson, Jordan Rigsbee
C - Chris Adcock, Dominic Galas (out)

DL - Aaron Tipoti, DeAndre Coleman, Villiami Moala, Gabe King, Todd Barr, Puka Lopa
LB - Dan Camporeale, Robert Mullins, Steven Fanua, Cecil Whiteside, Jalen Jefferson, Lucas King, Matt Mayes, Dave Wilkerson (out)
CB - Steve Williams, Marc Anthony (probably out), Isaac Lapite
S - Alex Logan, Tyre Ellison

LS - Cary Kriegsman, John Sheperdson
P - Chad Smith
PK - Vincenzo D'Amato, James Langford

Prediction: If you could make bets on such things, Blue -14 seems like a good line on this one, doesn't it?