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Golden Nuggets: Marvin Jones--The Most Polished Receiver in the NFL Draft?

He may not have the speed of DeSean Jackson or the build of Keenan Allen, but Marvin Jones has some of the best fundamentals of any receiver in the draft. He ranks fourth in the New York Times' ranking of the draft's top receivers (behind Kendall Wright, Justin Blackmon, and Michael Floyd).

Jones is the most technically sound receiver in this class, and he has enough athleticism to play the X (split end) or the Z (flanker). His draft spot might not be commensurate with where I rank him, but his stock is definitely on the rise because teams are beginning to recognize just how good he is.

He demonstrates more polished route running than any receiver in this class. Jones will set up his breaks with a good move to turn the hips of the opposing defender and then break back to the ball. His breaks need to be consistently sharper. He does not plant his front foot hard enough to turn. However, he is good at driving defenders downfield with good body control and speed to set up breaks or vary his speed early or late to win passes in single coverage.
What Jones does that is harder to teach is make successful adjustments to the football and do so against physical play. Most of his receptions in games I watched went for first downs in situations where he bailed out his quarterback. He can high-point or dig out a low throw. He has good awareness of the sideline, but he also will go across the middle. He seems comfortable working against physical contact downfield on vertical routes, and he has enough speed to get down field or take a short pass a longer distance.
Jones reminds me of Donald Driver – a versatile flanker for most of his career capable of playing every receiver position on the field. He may never be one of the top producers in the N.F.L. as he grows into a starting role, but he has the talent to have a long career with several seasons of 900-1,200 yards.

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