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Trey Cheek, Lawrenceville (Ga.) CB, Commits To Cal

TREVELLOUS TREY CHEEK - 2013 (via cheekleon)

The Georgia defensive back pipeline rolls on! First Avery Sebastian from two years ago, then Shon Akins a week ago, and now it's Trey Cheek's turn. He made the call to Cal last night.

"That conversation went well. It went really well," Cheek said. "I'm excited about it, too. I always wanted to come to Cali, and my dream came true. My family and I just agreed on it. They're the No. 1 public school, so hey, you can't beat that.

It's nice to see Cal making inroads in the South. The Georgia pipeline isn't quite as heralded as Florida, but it's full of plenty of talented individuals. Getting them to make a commitment all the way cross-country is quite an accomplishment.

If you're wondering why Georgia has suddenly become a hotbed for Cal football secondary recruiting, some possibilities exist:

  • Ashley Ambrose was a Falcon back in the day and has strong Southern roots (born in New Orleans, went to school at Mississippi Valley State).
  • Sebastian probably is an active recruiter from the area.
  • The success of Thomas DeCoud as a Falcon.
  • Aaron Rodgers torching that city like Sherman (not sure what that has to do with anything, just wanted to say it).

It seems like Cal wanted to get on Cheek before other schools noticed him. Kentucky and UCF isn't an amazing offer list, but it's best not to wait before more traditional SEC powers start locking in on him (similar to Akins).

Whatever, ignore the stars and watch the highlights. It's clear why the coaches gave Cheek that early offer.

More on Cheek coming in the next few days.