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Cal Men's Basketball vs. Colorado Buffaloes Pac-12 Tourney Semis Live Thread

It's the question that has been asked since the Dawn of Time: Is Buffalo a dish best served cold?

For tonight's tartare, the pesky dark horses from Colorado. In many ways, they play a variant of Monty-ball with their disciplined approach to fundamental defense. Or as we like to respectfully say, they are annoyingly good at disrupting our offense. Harper Kamp has been solid, but he and David Kravish will have their hands full with rebounding fiend Andre Roberson. Jorge is going to have to stay patient and under control. Crabbe and Cobbs need to hit some outside shots.

Will tonight be the night where we get off the schide? Have our players and coaches finally figured out how to crack the Colorado defense? Which cuisine will reign supreme?

Follow all the action here.

Go Bears!

Tip-off: 8:30 pm


Radio: KNEW 910