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Cal To Face Colorado In Pac-12 Tournament Semifinals


The Furd are down and dead. Hooray there. Now here come the Colorado Buffaloes, the next stop in the revenge tour of "teams that put us on the bubble to begin with."

This isn't going to be an easy matchup by any means. Colorado beat us in Boulder 70-57, and we beat them 57-50 at home in a game we could've easily lost. Even if Colorado is playing its third game in three nights (and both of their previous contests), their defense and rebounding can keep them in any contest. Plus Colorado seems to kidnap Jorge Gutierrez and put out his clone Tito instead, and Tito isn't quite as good.

Hopefully Cal bottles whatever they were using in that that second half against the Furd and keeps on running their offense. Colorado is going to be tough to beat on the boards, so we need to be efficient on our offense and avoid turnovers. Mainly, just force Colorado to take a lot of long jumpers and not grab too much of anything inside, because Andre Roberson is a force of nature that we're not quite equipped to handle.

If we get past them? One more stop in the revenge tour against Oregon State and Arizona. Let's do this.

Kodiak and norcalnick have you covered with real info tomorrow. Use this post to discuss your initial thoughts on the matchup!