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Pac-12 Tournament: Cal Basketball Draws No. 2 Seed, Will Play Stanford Vs. ASU Winner


Now that we've all kind of recovered a little (no we haven't), Pac-12 Tournament mode.

Cal will still earn a first round bye and will play their first game on Thursday night at 6 PM PT when they take on the winner of the Stanford/Arizona State game. Cal has split the season series with Stanford and dismantled ASU in their lone matchup. If Cal wins, they will likely play either Oregon or Colorado, teams they have struggled with playing despite going 3-1 against them.

Potential schedule if Cal starts winning again.

Thursday, March 8th: 6 p.m. PT: No. 2 Cal vs. Stanford/Arizona State winner (Fox Sports Net)
Friday, March 9th: 8:30 p.m. PT: Semifinal #2: Winners of evening Thursday games (Fox Sports Net)
Saturday, March 10th: 3 p.m. PT: Championship Game

Don't really have much more to say. Would prefer Sun Devils because we could beat them by 30, and Stanford is perfectly capable of choking the bone. At some point you want to be smart and hope for more wins. You never want to lose three in a row when your conference has a bunch of bubble teams.

No real need to explain our issues with Furd. They're big, they're deep, they're solid defensively, and they just beat us in a game we probably need more. Hopefully the Cardinal are spent when they have to play two games in two nights.

If they won a rematch with Stanford, Cal would then play either Oregon or Colorado (unless you're really banking on those Utes). Two teams that are also deep and have matched up well with us. Colorado is the nightmare and not a team I'm interested in playing. Oregon hasn't proven they can stop us, so we might be okay in going basket-for-basket with them.

Now that we've lost the conference title, Monty's probably going to be ruing the fact that he went all out for the conference title and played the starters so much in comparison to the bench (I of course have no idea how bad the bench could be, but it might have been useful to at least give Behrens, Rossi, Murray more run). Every other Pac-12 team we'll probably have to face is deeper and playing better, while we seem to be fading a bit. Not a good recipe for tournament success.

I'd guess two wins and we're in the tournament. One win and we're probably in. No wins and I'm going to pop that Cal-ASU 2010 DVD on release and pretend it's that year.