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Fantasy Week in Review - Rounds 3 and 4


Group Standings (Top 10 of 170)

Correct Picks
Possible Pts
1 Worst. Bracket. Ever. Cooper 44 of 60 103 167
2 Lobsterback Bisque Berkelium97 44 of 60 94 158
3 BooYaa! JimAtHome 44 of 60 93 157
4 bruab's wishful thinking bruabf 41 of 60 89 137
5 bearbackers picks Priam 42 of 60 88 152
5 faninstockton Ed Dog 43 of 60 88 152
7 Going Bak Bak to Cali Cali HY 39 of 60 86 150
8 Go Bears! Victor C 40 of 60 85 133
9 Cal Band Great! Erin 42 of 60 84 132
9 OHPNTZ Andrew 39 of 60 84 148
151 *Yellow Fever Brother Bruce 29 of 60 49 49

Maxing out at the Final Four will happen when you've picked Cal to go over Colorado in the finals. And how about that irony of the Worst. Bracket. Ever. leading the league?

  • You already know what's gone down so far, and you can also probably see that there aren't too many people with a shot left at winning the league. So let's break it down:
  • If form holds (according to most prognosticators) and Kentucky beats Kansas, then Going Bak Bak to Cali comes up from the seventh spot to win it all with a point total of 150. Worst. Bracket. Ever. falls off into oblivion.
  • If it doesn't matter who the Wildcats play!!!! and the Wildcats instead beat Ohio State in the final, then Lobsterback Bisque slides up from the 2 spot into first with 158 points and a host of characters tied at 72?!?!?!? rise up into seventh, like alpha1906, CopyBear FTW, EPICCCCC, and USFBull****.
  • Let's say Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist fall off a cliff prior to this weekend's games; aside from ruining the Nets' hopes of keeping Deron Williams around, if Louisville beats Kansas then braub's wishful thinking wins pretty much by default with 105 points. Mostly because no one picked Louisville to win it all.
  • Continue with the cliff scenario, only Louisville instead beats Ohio State; Worst. Bracket. Ever. actually manages to hold onto the #1 spot here with 119 points, and the rest of the top five is mostly the same.
  • Flip things around now. Thomas Robinson goes berserk and proves he (and not MKG or Anthony Davis should be #1) as Kansas defeats Kentucky in the final. Then faninstocktown comes out on top with 152 points.
  • Thomas Robinson again goes crazy, only this time he breaks Rick Pitino's heart in the final as Kansas beats Louisville. Then braub's wishful thinking again comes out on top, this time with 137 points.
  • But let's say this is Ohio State's year (because hasn't it been for their football team, after all?), and Ohio State defeats Kentucky. Worst. Bracket. Ever. manages to max out his points here at crushes the field with 167 points.
  • Or Ohio State instead beats Louisville? Worst. Bracket. Ever. again comes out on top, with 151 points.
Basically, we have a grand total of five possible winners. Better get those acceptance speeches ready.