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NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Sweet 16 Thursday Open Thread

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Well, even though our beloved Golden Bears didn't make it to the Second Round, we can still watch and talk about the NCAA action. There are 2 #1 seeds in action today, Syracuse and MSU. Plus, the battle of Ohio as Cincinnati takes on Ohio State. Which part of Ohio will win out???

After the jump, a full schedule of all of today's Sweet 16 games. I've done the pre-fill in the CGB Tourney Pick Em for "Top Seeds." So, goooooooooooooooooooo chalk! And GO BEARS!

(4) Wisconsin (26-9) 7:15 pm ET
(1) Syracuse (33-2)

(4) Louisville (28-9) 7:47 pm ET
(1) Michigan St. (29-7)

(6) Cincinnati (26-10) 9:45 pm ET
(2) Ohio St. (29-7)

(7) Florida (25-10) 10:17 pm ET
(3) Marquette (27-7)