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Cal Women's Swimming & Diving Repeats, 2011-12 National Champions

via <a href="">Cal Bears Facebook</a>
via Cal Bears Facebook

The California Golden Bears women's swimming and diving team are building a dynasty.

For the third time in four years, they captured the NCAA national championships, beating second-place Georgia handily by around 50 points and who-cares-not-first-place Furd by about 100 points. Teri McKeever is prepping for her stint as US Olympic women's coach in all the right ways, and with another strong recruiting class on the way, it figures the Bears should be in good shape to keep the greatness going.

Here are the top performers below.

200-Yard Medley Relay
1. Cal A (Cindy Tran, Caitlin Leverenz, Colleen Fotsch, Liv Jensen) 1:34.24 (American record)

200-Yard Individual Medley
1. Caitlin Leverenz 1:51.77 (NCAA record)

200-Yard Breaststroke:
1. Caitlin Leverenz 2:04.76 (school and pool record)

50-Yard Freestyle
1. Liv Jensen 21.48 (school record)

400-Yard Medley Relay
1. Cal A (Cindy Tran, Caitlin Leverenz, Sara Isakovic, Katherine Raatz) 3:28.10

100-Yard Butterfly:
1. Sara Isakovic 51.49

100-Yard Backstroke
1. Cindy Tran 50.31

200-Yard Freestyle Relay
2. Cal A (Kaylin Bing, Liv Jensen, Colleen Fotsch, Katherine Raatz) 1:27.22

800-Yard Freestyle Relay
2. (Sara Isakovic, Catherine Breed, Caroline Piehl, Liv Jensen) 6:57.50

200-Yard Freestyle
3. Liv Jensen 1:43.45

Leverenz was named Swimmer of the Meet, McKeever Coach of the Meet. Looking forward to seeing both of you in London!