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NCAA Women's Swimming & Diving Championship, Day 3

via <a href="">Cal Women's Swimming & Diving Facebook</a>
via Cal Women's Swimming & Diving Facebook

Time to get another one of these.

(If you have ESPN3, you should be able to watch here starting around 4:45 PM PT/7:45 PM ET)

Standings after Day 2.

Team Points
1. California 311
2. Georgia 247
3. USC 226
3. Arizona 226
5. Stanfurd 222

LEastCoastBears has you covered here on schedule of events. The remainder of this post is his own writeup.

  1. Women 1650 Free
  2. Women 200 Back Finals
  3. Women 100 Free Finals
  4. Women 200 Breast Finals
  5. Women 200 Fly Finals
  6. Women Platform Diving Finals
  7. Women 400 Free Relay Finals

Some projection of chances based on the prelim time (not the greatest of indicators):

For Women 1650 Free, Cal has Catherine Breed who could be a contention in the B final. Georgia has two swimmers who may land in the A final.

For 200 Back, Cindy Tran may get in to the A final while Au and Klaren are also in contention to get into the B final. Georgia has at least 2 fast swimmers and 2 more than could point.

For 100 Free, Georgia has 2 really fast prelim times and 4 swimmers in total. Cal has 5 swimmers but only one really good prelim time.

For 200 Breast, Cal’s Caitlin Leverenz’s prelim time is 3 second faster than everyone else.

For 200 Fly, Georgia only has one swimmer (with a bad prelim time) while Cal has 2 including Sara Isakovic with a really good prelim time.

For platform diving, Cal has one diver that may not qualify for the final. Georgia doesn’t have a diver. U$C can get some points on us however.

And finally for the last event, the double pointed 400 Free Relay, all the good team are at least in contention.

So we should pick up points on all the events except for diving and be the favorite to win a few of these events. Let’s bring home the 3rd women’s swimming championship and the 4th women’s championship overall. Go Bears!