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NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Thrifty Thirty-Two Saturday Open Thread


So, basically, nobody cares. That's what I'm sorta getting from you guys (also, girls). After Cal lost to USF Wednesday night, people's interest in the tourney decreased substantially. I get that. It sucks to barely be in the tourney. And so far, this hasn't been that thrilling of a tourney with minimal upsets (Note: This was written at like 2 PM Friday afternoon before the world of 2 seeds crumbled). Lots of chalk. I can tell, because in the CGB Tourney Pick Em, I decided (this year, at least) to just do Top Picks. So, the fewer upsets there are, the better I do. And I'm hovering right near the top.

But today is a new day and a new opportunity for excitement. Tons of games today, all day. Syracuse, Ohio State, Kentucky, and Baylor are all in action. A full schedule after the jump. GO BEARS!

(8) Kansas St. (22-10) 12:15 pm ET
(1) Syracuse (32-2)

(7) Gonzaga (26-6) 2:45 pm ET
(2) Ohio St. (28-7)

(6) Murray St. (31-1) 5:15 pm ET
(3) Marquette (26-7)

(5) Vanderbilt (25-10) 6:10 pm ET
(4) Wisconsin (25-9)

(12) VCU (29-6) 7:10 pm ET
(4) Indiana (26-8)

(8) Iowa St. (23-10) 7:45 pm ET
(1) Kentucky (33-2)

(11) Colorado (24-11) 8:40 pm ET
(3) Baylor (28-7)

(5) New Mexico (28-6) 9:40 pm ET
(4) Louisville (27-9)