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Golden Nuggets: Cal A Popular Upset Pick?

While the last few weeks have been tough on Cal basketball fans, we have plenty to look forward to in the NCAA tournament. If Cal can get past USF on Wednesday, we have a good chance at pulling an early-round upset.

Jay Bilas walks us through the NCAA tournament, game-by-game.

No. 12 California over No. 5 Temple: I think that Cal is undervalued and should not have been in a first-round game. The Bears have good guards in Jorge Gutierrez and Allen Crabbe, and have the size to give Temple problems.

While the Bears can beat Michigan, Bilas does not expect another upset.
No. 4 Michigan over No. 12 California: The Wolverines can shoot it, and play a different style. Cal should give them a hard game, but Michigan is better.
  • ESPN's bracket Predictor also gives the Bears an edge over Temple. They use four metrics to help determine a winner. They give the Bears the following chances to win: decision tree,52%; power ratings, 47%; similar games: 54%; and simulation, 46%. The chances against Michigan are less rosy: decision tree, 45%; power ratings, 37%; similar games: 26%; and simulation, 23%

After the jump, more videos from players, plus the women's team gets a bid to the NCAA tourney and softball posts its 21st consecutive win.


Harper Kamp on NCAA Championship Selection (March 11) (via CalBearBlog)

Allen Crabbe on NCAA Championship Selection (March 11) (via CalBearBlog)

David Kravish on NCAA Championship Selection (March 11) (via CalBearBlog)

Justin Cobbs on NCAA Championship Selection (March 11) (via CalBearBlog)

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