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Women's NCAA Tournament Selection Show Open Thread

When: 4:00 pm PT

When we all gathered to watch the men's selection show, the drama was if the Bears would get picked (yes!) and if they could avoid the play-in round (no!). Those two scenarios aren't on the table for Lindsay Gottlieb's crew as the Bears are considered safely in a tournament that doesn't have silly play-in games. With that in mind it's about hoping for a good draw. What would that consist of?

A good draw would be a 6 or 7 seed that doesn't send Cal to play on an opponent's home court and doesn't send the Bears 3,000 miles away. A bad draw would be an 8 seed that sends Cal 3,000 miles away with Baylor, Notre Dame or UConn lurking in the 2nd round. As of right now, that's more or less what ESPN bracketologist Charlie Creme is predicting. That outcome is a worst case scenario. The Sagarin Predictor and Women's Basketball State Ratings basically agree that the likely 1 seeds are significantly better than almost any other team in the nation.

So any seed higher than an 8 is cause for celebration, even if it means tripping to the eastern time zone. In fact, be prepared to travel a long, long way, because only one first round site is further west than Texas. That one site is Spokane, a mere 800 miles or so.

While you're waiting and agonizing, check out Cal's selection sheet. Is this a profile of an 8 seed? 0-5 vs. the RPI top 25, but 24-4 vs. everybody else. Looks like at least a 7 to me, but I may be biased!