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Introducing SBNation's YouTube Channel!

A lot of us do not realize it, but we are sort of pioneers in a journey that has yet to barely even be defined, yet alone finished. The old ways of the media are being destroyed and the new ways are being constructed. What is exciting is that nobody knows what the new ways really are. People are throwing everything against a wall to see what sticks. Some things stick, some things don't.

YouTube stuck. YouTube revolutionalized the world. It democratized video. And now YouTube is trying to do it again by changing the way people approach both TV and online video:

For the past sixty years, TV executives have been making the decisions about what we watch in our living rooms. Kyncl would like to change that. Therefore YouTube, the home of grainy cell-phone videos and skateboarding dogs, is going pro. Kyncl has recruited producers, publishers, programmers, and performers from traditional media to create more than a hundred channels, most of which will début in the next six months-a sort of YouTV. Streaming video, delivered over the Internet, is about to engage traditional TV in a skirmish in the looming war for screen time.

Yes, YouTube is essentially creating its own TV lineup. YouTube selected a few partners for this initial foray and SBNation was one of them! How fortunate. Today, the SBNation channel goes live. You can subscribe here.

Here is what you can expect at the start of this journey:

· Team Reports -

News, unfiltered commentary, and deep analysis on an individual team-by-team basis, from the experts in the SB Nation Network

· Shutdown Fullback -

Spencer Hall from EDSBS and Jason Kirk of SB Nation ATL cover all things college football in their very unique voice Promo video here:

· Bomani & Jones -

Sports commentary from the star of Around The Horn and SB Nation Promo

· The Full Nelson -

Fresh, unique, and original stories from inside the sports world, brought to you by Amy K. Nelson

· SB Nation The Floor -

Celebrated bloggers Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford team up with Erin Sharoni to deliver your daily dose of sports, pop culture, and humor

That is just some of the beginning. Who knows what the future holds? But know that for the seeming banality of this whole blogging thing, experienced usually quite sterily in a empty room or office, we are all creating history. It might not seem like it, because this doesn't feel like we're Lewis & Clarking it out here or anything. But the journey we are all on is destroying newspapers and is now setting its sights on TV. We'll see how things turn out. Here is the promo for one of the new shows, starring former ESPNer Amy K. Nelson:

Thanks for sharing this journey with us. We are all pioneers, wearing cowboy hats and sweet shoes with pilgrim buckles on them. My favorite kind of buckles! So, check out the channel and GO BEARS!