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Cal-ASU Men's Basketball 2.4.12 Photo Essay Part 2

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When we left off last time, Cal was up. By a lot. Nothing changed in the second half. But at least the band was there to help us celebrate!

After the jump, more photos from the 2nd half of the Cal-ASU game.

I know that many point guards are more reasonable in size. But the PG for ASU seemed so tiny. He didn't play THAT bad, but he seemed so Lilliputian out there!

My focus for most of the 2nd half was Cal doubling ASU's score. In some situations, I was hoping we'd triple it. Sadly, we did not!

Jorge Gutierrez getting up from getting smacked in the back of the head on a play. He took another beating on Saturday. But he keeps on tickin'

Oski had this creepy thing for opposing team's free throws where he would jiggle his belly. It didn't exactly look family friendly at times, though!


Everybody should come out to the Cal Baseball FanFest this Saturday!

We got up by 30 at one point!

I think that is Christian Behrans doing horizontal jazz hands there! JAZZ HANDS!

We started to see the bench cleared as we got near the end of the game. Alex Rossi!

Bak Bak!


And, then, it was all over. My joyous afternoon, taking advantage of a poor student turnout and standing down on the floor, was over. Oh well! Tons of fun. And Cal won. GO BEARS!

Bee Tee Dubya, the Bear's Lair is something new now. It has the name Wing Fiesta. Because Wing Party sounds like a really lame Aviation Club event. But Wing Fiesta, that's got something new, something different. Has anybody been and can report back?