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Golden Nuggets: Cal Rugby Has Some Work to Do Before the World Cup against British Columbia

There is something immensely satisfying about following Cal rugby. Maybe it's the fact that we absolutely dominate our Pac-12 brethren who sometimes give us trouble in other sports. Maybe it's the fact that we've outscored opponents 650-23 so far this year. With a major match looming on the horizon, however, I cannot help but be somewhat concerned about the team. The Bears only beat ASU by 52 on Sunday and, most disappointingly, yielded their second try of the year. Hopefully the Bears get these issues sorted out by next weekend.

"Our performance was good at times over the weekend, but overall uneven," head coach Jack Clark said. "I think we exit this road trip with a much better understanding of what we need to do in order to reach our potential."
Next up for Cal is the latest chapter in the 91-year rivalry with the University of British Columbia at the opener of the "World Cup" series on Saturday, Feb. 18, on Treasure Island.

Beginning in 1921 with a trophy to the winner from the Vancouver World newspaper, the "World Cup" has seen the Bears win 12 of the past 15 series against UBC, including a current streak of five straight in the two-match, home-and-away series.

A westbound traffic closure on the Bay Bridge scheduled for Feb. 18 will force drivers from the East Bay to take the Richmond or San Mateo bridges across the Bay and approach Treasure Island from San Francisco. The Route 108 bus from San Francisco's Caltrans station near the Embarcadero is another option, with fans able to access it from either side of the Bay by taking BART to the Embarcadero.

After the jump Cal drops slightly in the latest bracketology and six Bears receive NFL Combine invitations.







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