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Aaron Rodgers Is Your NFL MVP

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In the supposed Year of the Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers wore the belt.

Rodgers captured the NFL MVP in near-unanimous fashion with 48 of the 50 votes. Rodgers had the best single-season passer rating in NFL history, throwing 45 touchdowns to six interceptions, averaging 9.2 yards per pass attempt on a 68.3% completion rate. Rodgers won his first 13 games of the 2011 season to lead the Packers on the way to home-field advantage.

2011 in general was a remarkable year for one of Cal's greatest. Rodgers piled up incredible stats from the end of the 2010-11 regular season, through the 2011 NFL Playoffs, all the way through the 2011 NFL regular season. Rodgers won his first 18 starts of the 2011 season, starting with a victory over Chicago that leapt the Packers into the NFC Playoffs, three road victories in Philadelphia, Atlanta (this being of the greatest quarterbacking performances in NFL Playoff history), and Chicago, and a Super Bowl MVP performance in Dallas against the Steelers.

Here's hoping it's the first of many. Go Aaron and GO BEARS!