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Cal Women's Basketball vs. Stanford: Join CGB Sunday Night With Group Rate Tickets

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The excitement is building for Cal's regular season finale against #2 Stanford. Lindsay Gottlieb has made her personal pitch for your attendance. The athletic department is putting together a variety of promotions and prizes to encourage fans. And CGB's friend in the ATO that helped set up CGB night against the Stanford men's team reminded us of special group rates:

Thank you once again for bringing your group to the Cal MBB vs. Stanford game. I wanted to present the Golden Blog community another chance to help the Bears defeat the Cardinal in the WBB Battle of the Bay. We need your vocal support at Haas Pavilion as our Women’s Basketball team takes on # 2 ranked Stanford this Sunday, March 4. Tickets for group of 10 or more are $3.

So what do you say, CGB? Can you take on the challenge again? If you are planning on going to the game Sunday night and still need tickets, send me an e-mail at and let's find out how big of a group we rowdy true blues we can get! For just $3 you can watch the two best teams on the west coast go head-to-head, but we need to get at least 10 people to commit. Go Bears!