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Cal Swimming & Diving Wins Pac-12 Championship

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Pac-10 isn't any different from the Pac-12. Cal women own the water once again. Can they take the next step and try and top it off with a back-to-back at nationals?

Here are your individual results of the top performers.


Liv Jensen, 50 & 100 yard freestyle
Caitlin Leverenz, 200 yard breaststroke, 400 yard medley
Sara Isakovic, 100 yard butterfly
Cindy Tran, 100 yard backstroke

Cal also won the 200 & 400 yard medley relays as well as the 800 freestyle.

Other awards:

Sara Isakovic was also third in the 200 yard butterfly
Cindy Tran was also in the 100 yard butterflly
Caitlin Leverenz finished 2nd in the 200 yard medley
Catherine Breed, second in the 500 yard freestyle, third in the 1650 yard freestyle
Cal also finished 3rd in the 200 yard freestyle, as well as finishing third in the 400 yard freestyle relay.

Time to try and get another national championship! GO BEARS!

After the jump, some highlights.

Day 3: Pac-12 Women's Swimming Championships (via pac12conf)