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Cal Women's Basketball vs. Colorado Gamethread

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When: 2:00 pm PT
Video Stream: Cal All-Access
Audio Stream: Cal All-Access

I don't have much of a preview for you this time around, but the stakes are clear. A win clinches 2nd place in the Pac-12 in Lindsay Gottlieb's first season in Berkeley and means that Cal avoids one of two chances left on the schedule for a 'bad' loss (by NCAA selection committee standards). Best of all, it sets up an exciting game against Stanford next weekend.

Cal can earn that win if they play like they did in Boulder - avoid turnovers and draw a bunch of fouls. And if they happen to do a better job defending Chucky Jeffery and take over on the boards, then all the better! Colorado has lost six of seven and has generally struggled in their first year in the Pac-12. There's no reason Cal shouldn't earn their 13th conference win. Go Bears!