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BREAKING NEWS: Oregon Ducks Acknowledge NCAA Violations Regarding Improper Recruiting

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Can you be an elite NCAA football team and NOT cheat?

The Oregon athletic department has agreed that its football program did not conform to NCAA regulations relating to recruiting over the last four years, according to documents released Friday by the university.

In a statement of "proposed findings of violations" submitted by the NCAA to the athletic department, the Ducks acknowledged the use of three scouting services in ways that did not conform with NCAA rules, and to exceeding the permissible number of coaches involved in recruiting at any one time.

Further, and potentially most serious, the NCAA and Oregon "agreed that from 2008 through 2011, the scope and nature of the violations ... demonstrate that the athletics department failed to adequately monitor the football program’s use of recruiting or scouting services."

As of Friday, Oregon has not received a formal Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, a school spokesman said.

Avinash had some thoughts at Pacific Takes.

Punishment for using extra scouting services is not well-charted, so I'm not sure what the precedent for punishment would be. I'd imagine Oregon would suffer some blowback with a reduction in hours they can spend on the recruiting trail, or number of in-home visits/recruiting calls they can make, maybe even a loss of a scholarship or two.

There's only one charge that could be a serious issue to Oregon fans, and that's the "failure to monitor" football recruiting services by the compliance department. This could just be Oregon being extra cautious or the compliance department falling on its sword, but if the NCAA upholds the failure to monitor charge, then there could be more serious repercussions then a few docks on the recruiting trail. However, it's better than "lack of institutional control".