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Golden Nuggets: Jorge and Harper Discuss Senior Day, Their Final Home Game

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In their final game at Haas, Jorge and Harper helped bring the Bears one step closer to a Pac-12 title. Here's what they had to say about the last home game of their careers (the link also includes video of their post-game comments).

Jorge Gutierrez, Sr. G

On senior day
"It was fun for me. Besides all of this and besides the stats, we got the win, and that's what really matters."
On his family's reaction and attendance

"I haven't talked to them yet, but they were impressed yesterday. I'm sure they feel honored. It was a great celebration for us and I'm sure for Harper's family, as well. We're very thankful for the chance the coaches and a lot of people gave me. Counting Harper's family, there were twenty-five people here. They were all on the same plane with Harper's family."

Harper Kamp, Sr. F

On senior day
"There was a lot of emotion coming into the game so I'm just really glad that we all focused. My teammates did a great job. We brought a lot of energy when we needed it. We did good, today, and got it out of the way and ended it on a good note, so now we can just focus on what's ahead of us."
On coming out of the game the final time

"I was still looking up at the clock and the game is never really over for me. I was coming out and I realized it was over. Coach game me a high five and I realized that was it. I was just honored to come out that way and it meant a lot. It was so much fun today."

After the jump rugby comes back from a six-point deficit to defeat UBC and the women's basketball team tightens its grip on second place in the Pac-12.

Tyler Walker (baseball), Shareef Abdur-Rahim (basketball), and others have taken advantage of Cal's degree-completion program for former athletes. Around 100 Bears have returned to finish their degrees in the six years since the program was introduced.





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