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Cal Football Commit: Harrison Wilfley, American River JC, Tight End

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Cal has found their tight end for the 2012 recruiting class. Could he be another diamond in the rough?

Harrison Wilfley is a tight end from American River Junior College and played his high school ball at Casa Roble in Orangevale. Wilfley hasn't played football since 2009. He has been on a Mormon mission the past two years in Uruguay. has more.

Welcome to Cal, Harrison. GO BEARS!

After the jump, more on Wilfley, including his video from '09.

Not much is known about Wilfley because he hasn't played in a few years. Here's all I could find.

If the lack of news disconcerts you, the video should alleviate some of your fears. This recruiting tape is from his sophomore season at JuCo.

(via hwilfley)

Watching him gives you an idea of how strong and athletic Wilfley is to play both offense and defense, and at 6'5", 255 pounds has the prototypical size to succeed at the Division I level. Given two years to mature on a mission should probably do Wilfley well in preparing for the rigors of Cal.

It's unclear if Wilfley can redshirt (he probably has three years to play two), but if not, hopefully he'll be ready to play his two years and provide much needed tight end depth behind Spencer Hagan, Jacob Wark, and Richard Rodgers. If he does play this year, he could be most useful on special teams.