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Cal Beats UCLA, Sweeps LA For First Time Since The Age Of Newell

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Well, that was certainly a hell of a game, wasn't it? One of the ursines today was particularly good, and he wasn't wearing a diluted baby blue, amirite? Cal's performance certainly revealed some interesting strengths that could be important over the rest of the season. Brandon Smith seems to be regaining his swagger. And give props to Thurman, Bak, and Behrens for being able to hold the rope when Kravish/Kamp had foul trouble in the first half. The result of today's game will surely have big time positive ramifications on Cal's conference championship and NCAA chances. But exactly how big an impact is yet to be seen!

This is your place to talk about all of the joyous events from today's game. Congrats to Jorge for engineering the first sweep of the LA schools since 1958. Justin Cobbs had a nice showing in front of his family. And let's hear it for Harper Kamp: the latest member of Cal's 1000 pt, 500 rebound club! We'll be back with a longer recap tomorrow morning. Go Bears!