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The New University Of California Logo Needs To Die A Quick, Painful Death

The new University of California logo needs to die. Find out what to do to kill it and make sure to inform your fellow alumni!

These do not necessarily reflect the view of CGB, although based on my Facebook feed they probably represent the views of the world.

Sign this petition. Join this Facebook group. Tell your UC friends. Inform your turtles. Streak through the stacks. Do what is necessary to get rid of this nonsense.

Sometimes, you wonder how this happens. You wonder how people can be so clueless, so detached, so ignorant that they think they can just casually toss away a brand that has worked just fine for 140 years. It's amazing what happens when a bunch of "creatives" can come out and try to make a name for themselves, an didn't seem to seek any outside consultancy about what a bad, bad idea it would be to go forward with this.

This logo made me feel like the following conversation happened.

"Hey, you know what's wrong with the University of California?"


"No one respects it. No one wants to go there."

"True, true."

"We need to distinguish what the University of California is all about. Just being smart, virtuous, and excellent isn't good enough."

"Yeah yeah, I follow!"

"Let's make it cool to be a graduate from the UC system!"

Introducing, the first university logo that is constantly loading in your web browser (HT r/berkeley)


Cal Bears, we're calling on you, right now. Our community can come up with better stuff than this stoned surfboard for our logo. Here's what you must do.

Here are the people in charge of this project, and their contact information via Twitter and email where you can annoy them until they hear our complaints (phone numbers also available here).

[TwistNHook Edit: Apparently, there have been some vitriolic and hateful messages being sent to the people whose emails were listed here before. Although we certainly appreciate reasonably discourse, if there are heated messages, they really should a)be moderately more reasonable but also b)going to the higher ups than some peons who are just doing their job. So here is UC System president Mark G Yudof's contact information. His twitter is

And his email is]

Please tell him one or more of the following things (if you can think of any more criticisms, voice them in the comments!).

1) Their design is unacceptable. They need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something that doesn't look like it was designed for some online college farm, and make their salaries and money invested in this project worth our while.

2) Please reinforce what you feel the core values are of this university are, and how they need to show up on the logo.

3) Come up with new logos, then send them to the people who matter here. I assure you could put a picture of a bear bench pressing a refrigerator, and it will still be better than the monstrosity that we now have to deal with.

4) If they decide to plow forward with this, these people in charge should be fired, tarred, feathered, and be placed in scurvy-susceptible conditions.

I don't even want to imagine evolved iterations of these. (HT okaydo & cedarbear from Bear Insider)




Let's get this done.