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Pac-12 Basketball Open Thread: Conference Struggling, UCLA Floundering

Our look around the Pac-12 basketball landscape shows an improving but still rebuilding conference, plus the total torture-fest that is UCLA basketball.


Plenty of Pac-12 action today. Consider this an open thread for discussing the games, as well as the subject of this thread.

All times Pacific
COLO @ KU, 11:00 AM, ESPN2
NRDG @ ASU, 11:00 AM, Pac-12 Networks
GRAM @ OSU, 1:00 PM, Pac-12 Networks
IDST @ ORE, 3:00 PM, Pac-12 Networks
UNV @ WASH, 5:00 PM, Pac-12 Networks
MINN @ USC, 7:30 PM, Pac-12 Networks

Looking around the Pac-12, give us one team that stands out to you the most (good or bad) and elaborate.

Avinash: UCLA man. The Bruins need to be good for this conference to be considered elite, and they clearly are not. Just like with Tedford at Cal, Howland's teams in Westwood have become soft, undisciplined, and have lost their identity. UCLA will probably be making a change barring a drastic turnaround come conference play.

Vincent S: Washington, which is currently in the process of its yearly nonconference struggles. I sincerely hope they don't put it together for conference play because that would look incredibly bad for all of us.

Kodiak: I thought Colorado was going to be pretty tough...and then they go and lose to Wyoming.

TwistNHook: UCLA. I know its cliche at this point, but UCLA keeps getting more talent that ever. How does this happen? It must be the coaching. At a certain point, its coaching. But how does Howland go from 3 straight final fours to.......this????? It's Tedfordian!

ragnarok: Does UCLA shedding players and failing to meet lofty expectations count as "standing out"? What about UW tanking against no-name teams in non-conference play? No, we've seen that before? Well then, I was going to go with surprising Colorado, although losing to Wyoming sorta dampens that as well.

norcalnick: Picking a good team is tough. Arizona is the obvious answer, but they haven't played anybody. Colorado has perhaps the best win, but also got taken into overtime by a SWAC team. Oregon's win over UNLV is probably the biggest pleasant surprise, although the rest of their resume is nondescript.

UCLA has one scholarship player that isn't either a freshman or a transfer. Stunning. Even Ben Braun has never destroyed a roster to such an extent.