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Bracketology: Where Does Cal Basketball Stand?

Make your early postseason predictions for Cal men's basketball based on what you've seen so far from the team and their 6-1 start.


Bracketology time. I know it's early, but based on what you've seen, where do you project Cal come March?

Avinash: An 11-12 seed seems like where we stand at this moment. The Pac-12 is better than last year's terribleness, but not by much, and there's a real possibility that it's only a three bid league at best if teams don't start rebounding and winning some games this December. We need the Pac-12 to step it up.

Of course, we can help ourselves by winning these next two.

Vincent S: 8/9 seed of death. 10/11 if we're lucky.

Kodiak: I hate bracketology, especially this early. 10-12, if I have to guess.

TwistNHook: I think Cal will be at the top of the Pac-12. But like years past, the Pac-12 does not look to be super duper strong. And anytime that our standard bearer UCLA (IT HURTS ME TO SAY THIS) is bad, it hurts the whole conference. It is just the way it is. They are our blueblood. If their tide is rising, all Pac-12 boats are rising.

So, even though we may be one of a few teams to get a Pac-12 bid, we probably won't get higher than a 7 seed. I hope I'm wrong, but we need to get some big OOC wins to keep going. The Pac-12 wins won't be enough. Losing to Sconnie in such a disastrous way is NOT helping! We have UNLV and Creighton coming up. We need to win and win BIG.

ragnarok: In the tournament. Probably. Maybe. Bears will be a bubble team come March (unless they win both of their next two games, in which case they just have to not blow it in conference play).

norcalnick: If they lose to both UNLV and Creighton, somewhere between 8 and 12. If they win 1 of 2, somewhere between 6 and 8. If they win both, somewhere between 5 and 6. This is assuming the rest of the Pac-12 doesn't collapse against non-con competition the rest of the way. I firmly believe that this is a tournament team, regardless of what happened in Wisconsin.