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Cal Men's Basketball: Bears Badgered Out Of Wisconsin

The Cal men's basketball team put up a seriously disappointing effort against the Wisconsin Badgers. What went wrong in Madison?


Avinash: The biggest issue is that at times our offense seems to go 2-on-5. It's clear that teams respect Crabbe and Cobbs, but they don't respect our bigs or Smith/Wallace all that much yet. That causes so many spacing issues, and our team struggles to adapt.

The bigs seem to struggle to with passes all night and fumbled the ball back to Wisconsin non-stop. Cobbs seemed really insistent on trying to force the issue and kept on making mistakes with where he was trying to get guys the basketball. Solomon was a non-factor, which just can't happen in these games. The defense seemed lost on way too many possessions and broke down in the final 10-15 seconds to allow either an easy basket or a wide-open three. It's clear this team needs Kreklow back to really allow Monty more flexibility with his lineups and better matchups against better teams.

The best sign is that Crabbe continues to look like a Pac-12 Player of the Year contender. He played very well and kept us afloat for one half, but couldn't overcome the lack of production by about everyone else.

Vincent S: In my opinion of order of importance: lack of team play, turnovers, Wisconsin's shooting, bad matchups, inconsistent reffing.

Kodiak: Cobbs is the engine that drives the Cal machine. This is the first time that an opposing team has really been able to frustrate him. Granted, I think many of the mistakes were from trying to do too much. And it's hard to blame him when our bigs are so unproductive.

As far as silver linings go, let's just hope this is that teachable moment which gets guys to buy in and listen to Monty. I still like our team with regards to talent and potential. One of my bigger concerns has been the inconsistency of effort.

TwistNHook: The silver linings are that it was a wake up call. Hopefully! Monty apparently mentioned in the post-game press conference that he expected this performance after watching practice through the week:

So, if that is the case, then, yknow what maybe Cal needed to be slapped across the face a bit. Get a bit of a wake up call. I hope that that can be a silver lining out of all of this.

ragnarok: Didn't see the game. Perhaps not getting the Big Ten Network is my silver lining. I suppose the other silver lining is that getting blown out this badly still only counts as one loss on the overall record.

norcalnick: Easily turnovers. And as I touched on in the recap, I still don't have an explanation for them. A teamwide syndrome, and I suppose Monty's post-game comments about poor practices is as likely an explanation as any.