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Golden Recruiting Wire: Offensive Recruiting Class Overview

Let's take an in depth look at the offensive recruits (both committed and those who have not yet given a verbal). Some of these guys have been long-standing commits, pulled in months ago by Tedford and company; others are newer additions, being sought after by current Cal coach, Sonny Dykes.


Jared Goff-QB

Some people were severely worried about Goff's commitment status once Tedford was relieved of duty. Goff plays an important role for this current recruiting class: he is the centerpiece whose early commitment attracted other recruits to our current class. However, to everyone's relief, Goff has stated in interview that he was dismayed by Tedford's leaving, but was also understanding, and is now looking forward to working with offensive-guru Dykes. He claimed that he was not committed to a particular coach, but the university as a whole.

"[Tedford] was a big factor in my attraction to [California], but I was
committed to the university as a whole. I really wanted to go to
[California] for everything that it had to offer, not just because who the
head coach was," Goff said during Cal State Game practice Friday. "I was a
little bit shocked that [Tedford] was let go, and a little bit
disappointed, but I knew that it could happen."

You can read more from this interview from the Viasalia Times here

Adam Gorney also was able to catch up with Goff after the Cal Stat All-Star Game. He was invited to the game, but chose not to participate after a long 16 game season. For those who did not watch the game, Goff's Wildcats fell to Madison in the CIF Division III state game.

Goff will be on campus in the spring as an early enrolled student.

Terrell Newby-RB

This dude has definitely got some jets. Not a commit, but a highly talented running back recruit from Chaminade High School in West Hills, California. As of now, he seems to be favoring Oregon and Nebraska heavily, UCLA pseudo-heavily, while Cal has dropped off in recent weeks; the decline of Cal's preeminence in the race for this guy is likely due to Ron Gould's departure to UC Davis. Current RB coach, Pierre Ingram, is hard at work on landing Newby though, hoping to add running back depth to what looks like will be a highly talented backfield next fall with Bigs and Lasco.

More info on Newby's top three college choices can be found here.

Khalfani Muhammad-RB

We were all elated by Muhammad's commitment only a several weeks ago. Since then, there have been rumors of his displeasure with the firing of Ron Gould, and the possibility of him de-committing and shopping around for other schools seemed likely. However, apparently just recently coach Ingram had a great visit with Muhammad, and Khalfani's verbal is as solid as ever. Woohoo!

Rivals has exclusive coverage on the story of Ingram's recruiting visit to Muhammad's home-if you are a premium member you can read more about it here. However, if not, the teaser for the article says all you'll need to know.

"Pierre Ingram showed up at Khalfani Muhammad's house on Friday evening and stayed for more than four hours.

By the time he'd left, the 4-Star running back had no doubt that he was sticking with the Bears.

"His philosophy is great," Muhammad told BearTerritory. "And the results at Louisiana Tech show that it works."

D.J. Martin- RB

Unfortunately, this highly talented running back from Stockdale High School (Bakersfield) has likely lost his offer from Cal. Martin had an extremely impressive sophomore season, and apparently even garnered offers from the likes of Alabama. However, it appears that during his junior campaign, Martin ran into a lot of off the field issues. Academics seem to have been a problem. I don't really want to write any unfair conjectures on this kid online. Whatever the reason, Cal cannot afford to to sign players who will not be able to handle the academic rigors students at the University of California face day and day out; the last several years of recruiting classes really exemplify this.

Cameron Hunt - OL

A guy who I was really excited on, and looked to have a solid verbal over the last few weeks. However, I have recently learned that his commitment is a soft verbal at best, with the likes of Michigan, Oregon, and perhaps even Ohio State beginning to turn up the recruiting heat on this guy (he has visits planned to the former two already).

Apparently, Hunt's main concern is that he is worried the new coaching staff will not run the ball enough. A fair worry for any offensive lineman albeit, I hope Dykes has-which I am sure he has-taken measures to ensure this kid that he hopes to keep his 50-50 run/pass style intact while in Berkeley. The good news about this situation is that Hunt's official to Cal is scheduled for January 25th, so Cal will get the last word in the recruiting process for this kid.

During the playoffs, Hunt matched up extremely well with De La Salle; he did a fine job against fellow Cal commit Victor Egu and Cal target, Austin Hooper. If Hunt sticks with us, there is no doubt that he'll be one of the mainstays on the offensive line for years to come.

Aaron Cochran- OT

From Buhach High School in Atwater, California. Undoubtedly, the largest physical recruit Cal is going after this year for the offensive line. Cochran is an imposing 6'8, 350. He hasn't said much about Cal since coach Michalczik wasn't retained. He, like Hunt, seems to also be keeping his options open.

As of now, Arizona seems to be in the mix after Cochran took an official there, while Oklahoma also appears to be in hot pursuit: Stoops apparently made a recent visit to Cochran's home.

Also, Nebraska and Washington are definitely in the mix. Like Hunt, Cal will likely get the last word in all of this since he will likely have his official to Cal scheduled after these other schools.

J.D. Hinnant- OT

This young man from Fountain Valley, California is unfortunately recovering from a fairly horrendous vehicular accident which badly damaged his pelvis and tailbone. Hopefully, there was no permanent damage. He was pretty high on every school's list prior to this injury, having garnered offers from the majority of the PAC-12 schools. As of now, he sounds like he is about as recovered as he can be from these injuries.

More on Hinnant's school choices can be read here.

Riley Sorenson- OG

From Santa Margarita Catholic, this guy currently has Washington and Cal firmly in the lead.

He still planned on visiting after the coaching change, which tells me that the change of regime did little to affect Sorenson's interest in Cal. Sorenson does have a Cal connection in former Cal quarterback Nate Longshore, who is the offensive coordinator for his high school team at Santa Margarita. Go Nate!

Erik Bunte-OT

Was written up in last weeks Golden Recruiting Wire. Just recently Bunte talked about his commitment to Cal, saying that Berkeley was "a perfect fit for me."

Chris Borrayo- OG

A highly under the radar recruit from Paramount, California. Borrayo was listed as a 3 star guy on ESPN- ESPN generally rates recruits a bit generously compared to other recruiting services such as Rivals. Borrayo is a guy who doesn't do any one thing spectacular, but does have a lot of potential because of his enormous wingspan. He was supposedly offered at some point during the summer. However, either that offer was pulled, or it wasn't formal, because Gorcey reports that Borrayo was just offered again recently.

His huddle highlights can be watched here.

Also, Dan Skipper-OL, who was mentioned in the above Gorcey tweet, was also offered. This guy is 6'10 (I know I just said Cochran was the biggest guy we're going after, I didn't realize this guy was such a giant). From Arvada, Colorado, and only listed as a 3 star recruit by ESPN. Regardless, Skipper still has offers from just about every frickin' school in the country, including Ohio State, Texas, Michigan, and Tennessee (which he is currently committed to). Looks like the coaches know something that ESPN recruiting doesn't.

With regards to wide receivers, a lot can happen. Cal currently has only a handful of scholarship wide receivers on the roster, and there's no doubt Dykes's offense needs playmakers on the outside.

One player who would be interested is another Texas receiver: Devin Lauderdale.

Like Dannon Cavil, Lauderdale has a specific skillset that meshes well in the Bear Raid, and he'd be a valuable pick up. Right now a bunch of schools employing Airraid techniques (Oklahoma State, Cal, West Virginia) seem to be in the lead, so our chances are as good as anyone's.

Jermaine Kelly- ATH From Bishop Mora Salesian in So Cal, Kelly is an electrifying prospect.

He just recently opened up his recruitment after committing early on in the recruiting process to UCLA. One of the very first visit Sonny Dykes made as head coach was to Kelly's home in Los Angeles. Kelly originally said that he wanted to play defense in college, but playing receiver in Dykes system seems to be intriguing for him.

Cal will definitely have a lot of competition to land Kelly, who is widely sought after on the West Coast as an ATH. UCLA still has a solid chance of luring him back (don't underestimate Jim Mora's recruiting abilities), while ASU and Boise State both have offers on the table and figure to be in the mix. A lot could hinge on whether Kelly wants to play offense or defense. I say that Dykes lets him play whatever he wants, don't label him as anything until he decides what he wants to play since we could undoubtedly use him on both offense and defense. Hell, maybe he can play a little both ways if he wants to. Whatever the tactic, I hope we are able to get this guy.

The rest is mostly conjecture. Demorea Stringfellow and Darrell Daniels just lost their position coach at Washington (oh the irony); might they be interested in looking around the Pac-12 again? If we fill up with too many receivers, is there a possibility we lose some of the verbals we currently have?

With regards to finding more TEs, Mitchell Parsons is another possibility. Cal offered Parsons a week or so before the coaching staff got cleared up. The Colorado prospect and former Buff commit is definitely the top remaining tight end left on the board, and could be a nice complement to Ray Hudson in ensuring long-term depth at the tight end position. Ole Miss is going after him the strongest, but you have to imagine Cal will have their shot.

There are a lot of possibilities left, and definitely a lot of players Dykers will have a chance to try and convince to be Bears in the upcoming weeks.