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Cal Bears In The Twitterverse: Our #CalFamily Holiday & Mayan Edition

We check up with our Cal Family and their holiday tweets, where Golden Bear quarterback Allan Bridgford has the Tweet of the week.


(Make sure to use the hashtag #CalFamily on Twitter whenever you're talking about the Bears!)

With Holiday season in full swing, here are your Tweets from the Bears on this lovely Christmas Eve.

There were plenty of tiresome Tweets about Mayans last week. Thankfully, Bear Territory was up to the task.

Allan Bridgford with your Tweet of the week.

Alex Mack also chimed in.

Trevor Guyton had his own qualms.

Chris Harper just finished up his shoulder surgery. Feel free to give him your well-wishes.

Ditto Chris McCain. Plenty of well-wishes for him here (his account is protected, you can follow him here), including from Cal softball player Jay Wallace.

Bryce Treggs seems upbeat about his new position coach.

He also might get to be a model.

Kameron Jackson and Brennan Scarlett love that Ron Gould is moving on up.

Look who showed up at Gould's presser!

Austin Clark is a big fan of his new coach.

Mark Brazinski is on that grad school life.

Avery Sebastian has a public service announcement.

Mike Silver has a statement of fact.

Rod Benson just made me want to drop money on some tickets to Seoul.

Josh Hill gets serious and speaks some truth.

Jerome Randle was back at Cal the past few weeks, and he appreciated all the love he got from the Cal faithful.

This would be a pretty solid starting five.

Mychal Kendricks has a new best friend.

Justin Forsett echoes what probably half of us are doing right now.

I'm guessing Tony Gonzalez doesn't eat any of this for his team holiday dinner.

Scott Fujita is going to be making a lot of Berkeley showings soon. Congrats on getting cleared Scott!

Has Shane Vereen found the winning candy combination?

Marvin Jones rocks the Cal sweatshirt.

Here's Cameron Jordan giving back to the Saints community.

Brian De La Puente was there too.

Join Team Nnamdi.

Natalie Coughlin hopes you can contribute to this cause.

Alex Morgan is relaxing after an incredible 2012. Cotton candy!

Here's Alysia Montano working in the cold.

Ernest Owusu leaves you with yuletide greetings.